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 Fight Night Round 2

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PostSubject: Fight Night Round 2   Fri Jan 18, 2008 10:07 am

Unlock All Venues
In the Game Modes screen tap left 16 times until you hear a bell. you now have all venues. (Must be repeated every time you restart the game).

Mini Fighters
When picking a venue, hold up on the D-Pad for about 5 seconds until you here a bell ring. You will then have mini fighters.

Equipment Unlock
Win the amateur belt to unlock new equipment. To unlock equipment stay in amateurs and complete the sparring. Once you complete it, it will say you have unlock new items in Fight Store. Stay in for 10 fights in amateurs and win the title for other equipment. Also on schedule in Professional Mode when it says a special event, do it to make money and unlock even more equipment.

Unlock Fabolous
To unlock Fabolous (One of the rappers for Tit 4 Tat) Just go to Create a Boxer and Make the first name GETFAB . You don't have to worry about anything else. He will be unlocked as a heavyweight.

Never Get knocked down
When fighting, when your life goes down and the bar starts blinking, Hold down L1, L2, R1, R2. And you wont be knocked down... Or stay away from him once your bar gets low. And when he tries to get you into the corner just block everything.

The Undertaker Created Boxer ( WWE )
First Name: Under
Last Name: Taker
Nickname: The Undertaker
Hometown: Las Vegas, USA
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Stance: Orthodox
Style: Balanced
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 6'8"
Body: All Muscle
Hair Style: Mop Top Or Ponytail
Hair Color: Black Or Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Eye Brow: Nesting Badger
Facial Hair: Chin Beard
Facial Hair Color: Black
Mouth Guard: Any
Gloves: Pro Gloves IX
Trunks: Mustang III Or Holyman I Or Holyman II
Foul Protector: Any
Shoes: EA Hi - Pros V
Chest Tattoo: No Chest Tattoo
Back Tattoo: No Back Tattoo
Right Arm Tattoo: No Arm Tattoo
Left Arm Tattoo: No Arm Tattoo
Ratings: U Chose
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Fight Night Round 2
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